Participation at Healt Inspectorate Seminar

On October 5, Jānis Rubulis, Leading Researcher of the Water Research Laboratory, participated in a seminar organized by the Health Inspectorate “Topical Issues of Drinking Water Monitoring and Control”, in which the different sections of the Inspection shared with the news.

During the seminar, Jānis Rubulis guide the inspection staff to a wider discussion on the interruption of centralized drinking water supply in Jelgava district in Platone this summer, as well as the restoration of drinking water after the break and the inactivity of the involved state institutions in resolving the issue. The participants in this incident seminar looked at the context of the Water Safety Plans.

Leading researcher Janis Rubulis delivered a presentation on water safety plans and risk analysis at the Health Inspectorate on October 21, when the audience was public health doctors from the Latvian Association of Prophylactic Medicine.

Biotechnology between the NSFC and EC

From 26th to 27th of October the head of Water Research Laboratory Talis Juhna participated in «Workshop on the environmental biotechnology between the NSFC and EC».


RTU 58th international scientific conference

On behalf of RTU 58th international scientific conference on 16th October Water Research laboratory organized a seminar on Bioenergy Technologies. Within the event, reports about the latest achievements and research results in the fields of biogas and biofuel production, composting and algae biofuels were presented. Other topics discussed within the seminar included various environmental aspects and white biotechnology. The event was supported by Latvian National Research Programme No. 2014.10-4/VPP-1/27 Energy efficient and low-carbon solutions for a secure, sustainable and climate variability reducing energy supply (LATENERGI).


From 10th to 12th of October Water Research Laboratory scientists Linda Mezule and Martins Strods participated in various informative and demonstration events for schoolchildren, students and local inhabitants of Sigulda municipality to inform about the availability of grassland resources and their application. On behalf of Water Research laboratory the demonstration of biobutanol production technology was performed.

More information can be found on LIFE GRASSSERVICE project web page:

The next informative event and demonstration will be on 03.11.2017. for the entrepreneurs of Sigulda municipality.

2017 China Europe Water Platform (CEWP) Annual High Level Dialogue Conference

On 21th of September the head of Water Research Laboratory Talis Juhna spoke at the «2017 China Europe Water Platform (CEWP) Annual High Level Dialogue Conference» on opportunities for cooperation between the European Union and China.

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