Ogre River monitoring during NOAH project

In April in NOAH project, geospatial measurements were made, i.e. using a drone for the water and shore area of the Ogre River and some of the most important objects. Measurements were made in approximately 20 km distance from the A6 motorway in Ogre to the administrative boundary of Ogresgala parish. From the airborne surveys, measurements later will be generated the 3D model of the area for the flood modeling. Photos from J.Zvirgzds personal archive.

New Doctor in Water Research Laboratory

We are proud to announce that Sandis Dejus, a researcher at our Water Research Laboratory, successfully defended his doctoral thesis “Online Monitoring of Drinking Water Quality”.  Within the framework of the doctoral thesis, analysis of drinking water quality monitoring requirements and systems was performed and a new solution for drinking water quality online monitoring was developed.

And on 25th of February at the meeting of the Senate of the Riga Technical University (RTU) our new Dr.Sc.ing. Sandis Dejus received his diploma!


RTU practical experience in Indian Institute of Technology Delhi

From 19.11.2018. to 08.12.2018. Vahur Rooni from Estonian University of Life Sciences (EULS) and Ieva Berzina from Riga Technical University (RTU) visited Indian Institute of Technology Delhi to obtain practical experience in filtration-separation technologies of fermentable sugars, perform sugar analysis with HPLC and other techniques and learn about continuous fermentation.  Part of the tests has been performed with pre-treated and hydrolyzed biomass that has been prepared in EULS and RTU in November 2018. The activities were part of INNO-INDIGO IPP3 project B-LIQ “Development of an Integrated Process for Conversion of Biomass to Affordable Liquid Biofuel”

Workshop for students in Jurmalas Udens Ltd.

On November 27th the “Wastewater management and modernization of wastewater technologies” workshop for students took place in Jurmala, Latvia. The workshop was organized within the activities of framework project BEST – Better Efficiency for Industrial Sewage Treatment #R054, PVS ID 3315 and supported by municipal water and wastewater utility “Jurmalas udens” Ltd. and the Department of Water Engineering and Technology of RTU.

During the workshop series experts from RTU Water Research Laboratory, RTU Department of Water Engineering and Technology and “Jurmalas udens” Ltd. Kristina Tihomirova, Ksenija Golovko, Romans Neilands, and Guntis Klive gave the introduction regards the contemporary technologies of wastewater collection and treatment and presented the results of the various projects of modernization of wastewater collection and treatment systems implemented in Jurmala, the most popular resort town of Latvia.

Participants of the workshop had a discussion on the implementation and needs of modernization processes within the wastewater sector. They also had the opportunity to visit wastewater treatment plant Sloka in Jurmala and learn about its reconstruction history and future plans.

On October 16, in the framework project BEST – Better Efficiency for Industrial Sewage Treatment – a student workshop

On October 16, in the framework project, BEST – Better Efficiency for Industrial Sewage Treatment #R054, PVS ID 3315 (https://bestbalticproject.eu) a student workshop on the practice or water resource management and reduction of environmental pollution caused by industrial wastewater was organized.

The experts from RTU Water Research Laboratory Janis Zviedris and Kristina Tihomirova who are involved in the implementation of the project, shared the experience gained by the activities within the water sector towards the monitoring and control of the wastewater quality, cooperation between industrial organizations and municipalities and legislation on wastewater management. Also, practical tasks on wastewater management principles and the development of wastewater management plans for various industrial sectors were performed during the seminar. The results and wastewater management plans created by the students were presented at the end of the seminar.


We are thankful to the participants for the active work throughout the whole day!

Participation in the Climathon event

On 25-26 September, RTU team together with the Ogre municipality (ogresnovads.lv) and LEGMC (meteo.lv) experts attended the global event Climathon (climathon.climate-kic.org/en). It is a 24-hour event where teams from around the world address issues related to the development of eco-friendly offers to mitigate the effects of climate change.

Our team offered an idea that we plan to approve in the NOAH project and is related to the development of an IT platform for flood forecasting.

The NOAH project will start on January 1, 2019.

Team members spent a time with pupils from 2c class

On the 3rd of November our team members spent a time with pupils from the 2c class of Riga 84th school as a part of Career day’s event «We go visit!». The main theme of the event was «Water is our friend!». Children learned about the water cycle, water amount that each of us spends on a daily basis and how to save it. The children tested the turbidity of the tap water, got to know what is the difference between empty water and healthy tap water. Children learned what we need to do to receive the water at home and, also, where wastewater goes.

We are thankful to the children for the active work through the day!

Development of an integrated process

On 17th October 1st B-LIQ (Development of an integrated process for conversion of biomass to affordable liquid biofuel) Project partner meeting took place in Riga. The meeting was hosted by leading partner – RTU and was attended by partners from Indian Institute of Technology in Delhi and Estonian University of Life Sciences.

Vide un enerģija 2017

Last week the representatives of the Water Research Laboratory, the Institute of Energy, the Institute of Industrial Electronics and Electrical Engineering, the Environmental Protection and Thermal Authority participated in the exhibition «Vide un enerģija 2017», where we were able to present our team’s work to the visitors of the exhibition and tell about the studies possibility at the Riga Technical University.

Visitors to our stand had an opportunity to get acquainted not only with our laboratories for newer products, but also ask questions to all our team members (http://wrl.bf.rtu.lv)! We presented our studies and talked about active pilot experiments implemented in the framework of projects such as Pilot watersheds as a practical tool to reduce the harmful inflows into the Baltic Sea – WATERCHAIN CB50 (https://www.facebook.com/centralbalticwaterchain/); Affordable technology for mitigation of  membrane (bio)fouling through  oPtimizatiOn of pre-treatMent  And ClEAnIng  methods – POMACEA (http://pomacea.com/); Energy efficient and low-carbon solutions for a secure, sustainable and climate variability reducing energy supply – LATENERGI (http://latenergi.rtu.lv/aktivitates.html); Alternative use of biomass for maintenance of grassland biodiversity and ecosystem services – LIFE GRASSSERVICE (http://grassservice.balticgrasslands.eu/biobutanola-razosanas-iespejas/). Visitors to the exhibition also had the opportunity to find out about our latest projects starting on October 2017 BEST – Hazardous Solutions for Industrial Wastewater Treatment and B-LIQ – Development of an integrated process for conversion of biomass to affordable liquid biofuel.

Thanks to RTU colleagues for a pleasing company these four days! Thank you to the questions you have been asked and the interest shown! Let’s meet in the next exhibitions!

RTU Gada Jaunā zinātniece 2017

On 14th of October was presented at the plenary session of the 155th anniversary of the Riga Technical University the award «RTU Gada Jaunā zinātniece 2017» for the Water Research Laboratory senior researcher Linda Mezule.