The Water Research Laboratory organizes tours and lectures every month to familiarize students and young people with the water world.

Excursions and lectures are for young people aged 10 to 15 years.

The Water Research Laboratory offers:

1) Excursion «Ūdens pētniecība», during which you will have the opportunity to take a look at the laboratory’s everyday life and our team members will tell you about current research. Its duration is up to one hour. Excursion to the laboratory is free.

2) Excursion and lecture «Ūdens noslēpumi», which give you the opportunity to learn a lot about water and water research, look at the most exciting corners of the Water Research Laboratory, exploring and testing various laboratory equipment. Its duration is 2-3 hours. We invite you to support the Water Research Laboratory with donations of at least EUR 50 to enable the laboratory to purchase and provide the materials needed during the event. The donation can be transferred to the RTU donation account by agreement of the event.

During the event, the Water Research Laboratory offers pleasure to your small scientists, when applying for an excursion, you can order souvenirs from the Riga Technical University, which, in the course of our tour, will perform as prizes (to agree on the costs separately).

At the moment there is the opportunity to apply for tours on 2018./2019. school year.

Donation account details:

Nodibinājums «Rīgas Tehniskās universitātes Attīstības fonds»
Reg.No. 40008067097
A/S «Swedbank»,
Account No: LV44HABA0551032123394
Paying on the order: Donation to support the Water Research Laboratory

You can apply for excursions by sending an e-mail to sandis.dejus@rtu.lv. In the application, please indicate the type of event you want – «Ūdens pētniecība» or «Ūdens noslēpumi». After receiving the application, the tour organizers will contact you.

Fascinating and educational stories about water in radio:

KāpēcTāpēc– J.Rubulis about water;
Zināmais nezināmajā – T.Juhna about drinking water roads to taps;
Zināmais nezināmajā – T.Juhna about drinking water, its quality determination;
Zināmais nezināmajā – T.Juhna about drinking water quality in cities.

The Riga Teikas Secondary School’s 2nd class visit in our laboratory:

The representatives of the Water Research Laboratory visited the kindergarten «Pienenīte» in Ulbroka, Stopinu region: