Dr.Sc.ing., senior researcher Kristine Rugele

  • E-pasts: kristine.rugele@rtu.lv

Main research interests:

  • Anaerobic digestion
  • Biogas
  • Renewable energy
  • Innovative materials in green energy production
  • Biogas upgrading

Ph.D. thesis: Anaerobic digestion of dairy residues and process enhancement using composite materials from industrial wastes

Major publications:

  1. K. Rugele, G. Bumanis, L. Mezule, T. Juhna and D. Bajare. Application of industrial wastes in renewable energy production. 2015.Agronomy Research Vol.13(2) Publication

Full papers in Scientific Journals:

  1. Ruģele, K., Būmanis, Ģ., Bajāre, D., Mežule, L., Pitk, P. Effect of glass additive in alkaline granules in anaerobic treatment of whey. Proceedings: 5th International Symposium on Energy form Biomass and Waste, 2014, pp. 1-9 (Scopus).
  2. Ruģele, K., Mežule, L., Daļecka, B., Larsona, S., Vanags, J., Rubulis, J. Application of Fluorescent in situ Hybridisation for Monitoring Methanogenic Archaea in Acid Whey Anaerobic Digestion. Agronomy Research, 2013, Vol.11, No.2, pp.373-380 (Scopus).
  3. Ruģele, K., Būmanis, Ģ., Bajāre, D., Lakevičs, V., Rubulis, J. Alkaline Activated Material for pH Control in Biotechnologies. Key Engineering Materials, 2014, Vol.604, pp.223-226 (Scopus).
  4. Ruģele, K., Būmanis, Ģ., Eriņa, L., Erdmane, D. Composite Material for Effective Cheese Whey Anaerobic Digestion. Key Engineering Materials, 2014, Vol.604, pp. 236-239 (Scopus).
  5. Ruģele, K., Gavare, M., Grūbe, M., Tihomirova, K., Skripsts, Ē., Larsona, S., Rubulis, J. Characterization of Lactose Consumption during the Biogas Production from Acid Whey by FT-IR Spectroscopy. World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology, 2013, Vol. 77, pp.253-258.
  6. Ruģele, K., Skripsts, Ē., Juhna, T., Larsona, S. Bioaugmentation to Improve Biogas Yield in Cheese Whey Anaerobic Digestion. In: 13th World Congress on Anaerobic Digestion : Proceedings, Spain, 2013, pp.1-4.
  7. Rugele, K., Skripsts, E., Mezule, L., Pitk, P., Bajare D., Juhna, T. Use of alkali-activated aluminosilicate material to enhance biogas production from acidic whey. Open Biotechnology Journal, 2014, pp. 1-9 (Accepted).
  8. Būmanis, Ģ., Ruģele, K., Kurpnieks, O., Bajāre, D. Effect of alkaline material granule size on ability of adjustment the buffer capacity. Medžiagotyra, 2015, pp. 1-5 (Accepted).
  9. Ruģele, K., Būmanis, Ģ., Mežule, L, Juhna, T., Bajāre, D. Application of industrial wastes in renewable energy production. Agronomy research, 2015 (Accepted).


  1. A method of anaerobic digestion of acidic whey in four-chamber system. E.Skripsts, K. Rugele, J. Rubulis, V. Dubrovskis. EU patent No. EP13198723.2, 2014 (Accepted).
  2. Method of using alkali-activated non-cement binders for producing biogas from cheese whey. K. Rugele, E.Skripsts, D.Bajare, T. Juhna, S. Larsson. EU patent No. EP12199477.6, 2013 (Accepted).