Dr.Sc.ing., senior researcher Linda Mezule

  • E-pasts: linda.mezule@rtu.lv

Main research interests:

  • Detection of pathogens in drinking water biofilm using FISH (fluorescence in situ hybridization) method
  • Development of molecular methods for identification of bacteria
  • Biofilm studies
  • VBNC bacteria

Major publications:

    1. Daļecka, B., Mežule, L. Study of Potential PCR Inhibitors in Drinking Water for Escherichia Coli Identification. Agronomy Research, 2018, Vol.16, Special Iss.2, 1351.-1359.lpp. ISSN 1406-894X. Pieejams: doi:10.15159/AR.18.118
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    6. Deņisova, V., Tihomirova, K., Mežule, L. Biosorption of Zn(II) by Sphagnum Peat. Chemical Engineering Transactions, 2017, Vol.57, 385.-390.lpp. ISSN 2283-9216. Pieejams: doi:10.3303/CET1757065
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    Other publications:

    1. Tihomirova K., Mezule L., Juhna T. 2012. Application of Flow Cytometry for Characterization of Biomass During ABE Fermentation Process. 20th European Biomass Conference and Exhibition, ETA-Florence Renewable Energies, Milāna, Itālija. ISBN 978-88-89407-54-7.
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