New Doctor in Water Research Laboratory

We are proud to announce that Sandis Dejus, a researcher at our Water Research Laboratory, successfully defended his doctoral thesis “Online Monitoring of Drinking Water Quality”.  Within the framework of the doctoral thesis, analysis of drinking water quality monitoring requirements and systems was performed and a new solution for drinking water quality online monitoring was developed.

And on 25th of February at the meeting of the Senate of the Riga Technical University (RTU) our new Sandis Dejus received his diploma!


The International Education fair “Skola 2019”

The 25th International Education fair “Skola” (From 1 to 3 March, Ķīpsala ) – the most important event for thousands of young people in Latvia to offer the broadest and quality coverage of study opportunities in Latvia and abroad. Also, Senior researcher Jānis Rubulis and Sandis Dejus from Water Research Laboratory, one from the more than 140 participants, took a part in this fair by introducing with the workshop “Drinking water miracle” to help visitors raise interest to water science and, probably, to become one of us!

Special issue “Drinking Water Treatment and Removal of Natural Organic Matter”

Prof. Dr. Talis Juhna took a part in the Special issue “Drinking Water Treatment and Removal of Natural Organic Matter”

iWatermap experts participation in Cleantech Latvia General Meeting

On January 31, RTU iWatermap ( experts Jānis Rubulis and Dāvids Štēbelis where involved in Cleantech Latvia General Meeting of Members. David presented some of the most important observations from the company interviews conducted in the iWatermap project and presented publicly available funding for collaboration with universities in the near future.

RTU experts together with RTU Design Factory ( Project Manager Liene Briede did presentations about iWatermap project concept, financial opportunities for Industry – Academia cooperation.

After the main event participants look around premises of RTU Design Factory and were introduced with technical opportunities and prototypes build for water industry.

Visit to Cēsu alus

At the end of the year 2018, WRL staff Janis Rubulis and Sandis Dejus visited JSC Cēsu alus. The purpose of the visit was to evaluate and analyze the risks of drinking water abstraction and water supply system at JSC Cēsu alus. JSC Cēsu alus was chosen as one of the pilot sites for testing the concept of Water Safety Plans in Latvia.


NOAH kick-off meeting in Tallin, 28-29.01.2019.

January 28-29, Tallinn University of Technology, Faculty of Construction and Architecture hosted a NOAH project kick-off meeting.

All partners gave a brief presentation of their experiences, challenges, and competencies.

Both “Jūrmala Water” Ltd and Liepaja City Municipality “Communal Authority”  also presented potential pilot sites where the project will be carried out by testing of key ideas – modeling of precipitation loads in prepared and combined sewerage systems. The Ogre Municipality, on the other hand, presented the section of the Ogre River, which will simulate the flood hazards of populated areas caused by precipitation as well as the winter period.

In these pilot sites, water quality testing is planned for two years with the aim of determining the pollution load on the Baltic Sea, extreme weather conditions, as well as the impact on the environment from decentralized wastewater facilities.

Interesting experiences in the context of the use of online devices in infrastructure and modeling of different scenarios during the flood were presented by Gdansk University of Technology and Slupsk Water Supply. In turn, the municipality of Ogre, in the context of the floods caused by the river, will learn from the experience of the city of Pori.

At the meeting, RTU was represented by a senior researcher of Water Research Laboratory Jānis Rubulis and Associate Professor of Geodesy Department Maris Kalinka.

Partner meeting in IIT Delhi

From 02.12.2018. to 08.12.2018. 2nd B-LIQ Project partner meeting took place in IIT Delhi. The event was hosted by Prof. Atul Narang  and Prof. Gopal P. Agarwal from Department of Biochemical Engineering and Biotechnology. During the meeting, all partners (Linda Mezule and Ieva Berzina from RTU; Timo Kikas and Vahur Rooni from EULS) discussed about the latest scientific achievements, visited IIT Delhi laboratories and agreed on future plans within B-LIQ project.

RTU practical experience in Indian Institute of Technology Delhi

From 19.11.2018. to 08.12.2018. Vahur Rooni from Estonian University of Life Sciences (EULS) and Ieva Berzina from Riga Technical University (RTU) visited Indian Institute of Technology Delhi to obtain practical experience in filtration-separation technologies of fermentable sugars, perform sugar analysis with HPLC and other techniques and learn about continuous fermentation.  Part of the tests has been performed with pre-treated and hydrolyzed biomass that has been prepared in EULS and RTU in November 2018. The activities were part of INNO-INDIGO IPP3 project B-LIQ “Development of an Integrated Process for Conversion of Biomass to Affordable Liquid Biofuel”

Workshop for students in Jurmalas Udens Ltd.

On November 27th the “Wastewater management and modernization of wastewater technologies” workshop for students took place in Jurmala, Latvia. The workshop was organized within the activities of framework project BEST – Better Efficiency for Industrial Sewage Treatment #R054, PVS ID 3315 and supported by municipal water and wastewater utility “Jurmalas udens” Ltd. and the Department of Water Engineering and Technology of RTU.

During the workshop series experts from RTU Water Research Laboratory, RTU Department of Water Engineering and Technology and “Jurmalas udens” Ltd. Kristina Tihomirova, Ksenija Golovko, Romans Neilands, and Guntis Klive gave the introduction regards the contemporary technologies of wastewater collection and treatment and presented the results of the various projects of modernization of wastewater collection and treatment systems implemented in Jurmala, the most popular resort town of Latvia.

Participants of the workshop had a discussion on the implementation and needs of modernization processes within the wastewater sector. They also had the opportunity to visit wastewater treatment plant Sloka in Jurmala and learn about its reconstruction history and future plans.

Meeting in Toila from 20 to 22 of November

From 20 to 22 of November 2018 scientists form Water Research Laboratory Kristina Tihomirova, Sandis Dejus and Tālis Juhna participated in the project BEST partner meeting that was held in Toila, Estonia.

Sandis Dejus presented the progress of WP2 regarding the assessment of the current situation in the field of industrial wastewater management which is led by the RTU.

During the second day, our team members had a great opportunity to participate in a workshop on hazardous substances, and also to visit industrial wastewater treatment plants at factories in the nearest municipalities where wastewater with high loads of hazardous substances is treated.

Next project meeting will be held in Riga!

More information about the project: BEST – Better Efficiency for Industrial Sewage Treatment